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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas from here

Happy Christmas is how we wish one another the blessings of the season from North India. We are so blessed to be here with the children and they all are so pleased to see us as visitors mean that they are not forgotten.

And that is part of Christmas right? Remembering that we are not forgotten but called by name and honored as God's own... the Children in the Children's home recieved the greatest gifts, peanuts, a paper pad, pencil, a sweet and ...oh Right LOVE... but even more they give love and would give you their Gift if they thought you would recieve it.

How truly blessed we are to know that we as Christians whereever we are are not alone. God abides
We are all richly blessed.
God abide with you in the new year.
bobbie giltz mcgarey
@2006 New Delhi, India


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