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Monday, October 02, 2006

Laughed outloud

Sesame Street was on this morning and they had another of the wonderful creations that draw parents into watching with their children. It was a take off on Law and Order, a very popular detective program here. They called their's Law and Order Special Letter Unit. The muppet characters were modeled after the actual characters on the show. Seriously, or not, we laughed out loud.
The creators of Sesame Street have for years done parodies of adult programs and characters to engage the parents as they hopefully watch with their kids and engage one another as they watch. Years ago they did a parody of Miami Vice called Miami Mice.

However, the rest of the news of the day was anything but humerous. Reports of the continued war in Iraq and the loss of life, the misbehavior of a US Representative, and then the 4th in the school murders, alas all of this too real.
This latest one was in Amish country. We visited there with John's Grandmother Daniels and remember the kindness of the people and their simple dedicated lives. The Zook family we visited, I think I've talked about them before, had such an amazing life. The rows between the beans they had planted seemed to have been swept clean. All of it amazing.
In this area of Pennsylvania someone who was disturbed about something from 20 years ago, killed and seriously wounded several of the young girls. The Amish, as is their custom, are not discussing this with the 'outside'. Their pain is felt everywhere. We fell that pain at the loss of every child who suffers because of the misguided priorities of adults around them.
How do we lead people to a place of peace? How do we live our lives as those who lead our part of the world to peacefulness. We have been working on this search for peacefulness for centuries. Let us not stop that journey now.

Every child needs our protection.
Every child
every child...
every child...

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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