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Friday, August 18, 2006

Summer time?

The heat surely bespeaks of it being summer! It is over 100 again today. My goodness.
And children are going to school!
Back in 'my day' we didn't start school until the week after Labor Day. We lived in Ohio and the schools had no airconditioning. At least the elementary schools did not have anything but windows to open and hoping that there would be a breeze coming through.
Schools have changed. In this part of the US there is always airconditioning and more rare are the windows in schools.
The children in some parts of the world just have classes outside when it is hot inside. That makes sense. But then they are writing on slates with chalk not pen and paper or computer.
Jackie, Susie and I spent more than one summer in Ohio playing canasta (card game) that would go on and on and on. We played inside, on the porch and under the tree. We also played jacks (jack-rocks) a lot too. In fact once the school had a summerprogram with a jacks contest. There were the traditional 1-10 pick up and then several other kinds like, pig in a poke, egg in a basket, around the world and I think some others I don't remember these some years later.
What have you done this summer, no matter your age, to give yourself a sabbath from the rest of the year? Anything? Well consider reading a book or doing something creative as a way to celebrate summer and maybe something fun before the end of August.
God abide with you
Take care
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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