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Saturday, August 05, 2006

my pillow

After being on a wonder-full God-full study and experience in July, on Tuesday all I really wanted was my pillow. I was traveling across land and sea missing time zones and repeating days. I wanted my pillow.
Such hospitality I've encountered all along the way, new found friends, amazingly similar hopes and dreams by all, the love of Jesus at the core of so many of the lives...such hospitality.

From the smiling eyes of a Buddhist Abbot, to the hands of the Confucious Monk, to the animated-chart-writing Muslim Imam, to many hands of the pastors we enoountered all wanted peace. Not peace like "I" see it from each different view. But peace that is soul-deep and heart-true and justice-balanced and protective of those who most need our protection.

Separated from news by language and electricity and access the world roars on -- our prayers for the peace continuing not even knowing what we were praying for specifically.

But me, I just want my pillow, alas my personal comfort and familarity is what is most important to me-- because I deserve it !?!

"Lay your burdens on me and I will give you rest...." So we lay the burdens of the world on the feet of Jesus and ask for the blessing for each of us to be the change we wish to see. (Gandhi) "In gratitude to God, empowered by the spirit we strive to serve Christ in our daily task, living holy and joyful lives even as we watch for God's new heaven and new earth praying, Come! Lord Jesus!" (Brief statement of Faithy pcusa)

Last night, I fell asleep, walking only in the morning to discover that was not my pillow i slept with.. but another.. and you know i slept well.

God abides I'm happy to be with you again.
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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