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Sunday, August 06, 2006

What the World Knows

Grace and peace this Sabbath day

In our recent travels we were impressed by many things. One thing that stands out is how the rest of the world knew so much about us, but we lacked knowledge of them for the most part. They knew about the President, the war, the other government leaders and their stands on issues and details. I am afraid other than England's Blair, I know little of other world leaders. I wonder why this is?

One man, while we were in Java, asked us if he could have his picture taken with us. John and i complied and were delighted to have our picture with this man and then with his family. We stood head and shoulder taller than all of them. The man said he knew where Oklahoma was, somewhere in the middle, and we used that to describe the location of our state from then on.

We were asked what life was like in the USA I suggested, in very response to this common question, 1- it was not like you might see on TV or in the movies. 2- that we have many of the same hopes and dreams they had 3- that we could worship as we choose 4--and that we were concerned for those who need to be represented.

We found suspicion of Americans and puzzling looks until we would smile and say hello. Then with almost every case there were smiles in response and children would giggle. When I got back to the LA airport, those ready smiles were replaced many times by individual looks of incredulity. You? Smiling at me? I don't Know you.

We are all together in this world of ours. Let's not forget. And let's reach out each day to someone who needs to know how much they are valued in the sight of their Creator and Redeemer.
What do you know of the world? Learn something new today about a new place in the world.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
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