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Monday, August 14, 2006

But it feels like

Hello, again
I was reading the weather report and it said it was 99 outside but it feels like 100. We'll sure it does! When I first moved to AZ years ago someone said it gets hot there but not to worry there's no humidity, it's a dry heat! Well in case you don't already know this 110 is hot with or without humidity! I remember John and i came out of a movie at 10:30pm and it was still 103. Hot is hot.
We were warm in our travels to Bali/Java but we didn't have a way to tell the temp. I said what difference would it be if we knew the numbers. What we felt, hot, was going to be hot no matter what the numbers said. Sometimes I think too that the numbers only confuse our senses. If it is in the 90's we don't need to know the exact point to know that we are warmer than we might want to be.

We have many senses that we use clearly, sight, taste, touch, sound, and then there are some that we don't use. Those senses that tell us when there is trouble ahead, or anger in the room, or love in the room, and we need to refine those senses as well. We need to trust our 'gut' as well as our logic and intellect. We have a saying, "I have a gut feeling". We don't listen to that sense as we should.
The Bible tells about Jesus seeing someone and acting with compassion. That literally means he felt it strongly in his gut. He loved so much, cared so much, wanted to heal so much, wanted good things so much, that he had compassion. With Passion he felt that which was around him and with him.

Try for a little while just now to listen to your inner self that gives you clues and cues that help you understand what is going on in the world around you. And then into that world...pray for love to abide, for love to win out, for love to heal, for love to protect, for love to calm, with love to feed, with love to do all that is needed to heal the whole world.

God abides
Bobbiie Giltz McGarey


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