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Saturday, July 22, 2006

India part I

If you look out the window from where I am writing you see mountain after mountain green, lush beautiful.
We are here with John's cousin Matthew and Annie and their son. It is a wonderful Hill Station up in the cool, clear air, cloud touching, mountains.
We have meet so many wonderful people all along in Bali, Java, on the travels, and here. I just wish my eyes were a camera that could bring you all the views we have had of life and the world.
The look on the faces of people around the world is the same, concern on some faces, wearyness on others, joy, hope, wonder. We are indeed one Family in God's good eyes. Mother Teresa wrote, If we have trouble with one another it is because we've forgotten we are all related to one another.
I have had very limited internet time so have not been able to keepup here but willhave several posts upon my return.
Know that you are certainly not alone i the world, pray for peace, and live the change you wish to see, (Gandhi)

God abides. This I have seen and witnessed.
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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