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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

morning musings

My Daddy would take me for field trips as a very young child and we would sit and observe the natural world. Awesome, he would say, awesome.
My Daddy was a PHD biologist and I majored in biology in college and taught biology for a year as a grad student. What I learned was that the more I learned the more awesome the plan that set it all in motion. The Creator became even more alive and even more awe inspiring as I studied the cell or the organ systems composed of cells or the life forms of all levels of complexity and simplicity. The changing-evolving life forms just made the picture more magnificent!
Later when I learned of other cultures having their own creation stories I realized that God spoke to people about the beginnings in languages they could understood. So, if we are 'advanced' and 'scientific' perhaps evolution is merely the creation story in language we can understand. The awesomeness of God is magnified by the daily findings of science. After all even if we can name what is happening, by goodness, we didn't make it happen---did we?
No conflict only Awe with creation that brings me to my knees. Let the church teach the God-part and education teach the other... Still we are pointed to God's love for us all.
OH look at that butterfly--wow how beautiful
God abides
Bobbie McGarey


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