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Monday, August 14, 2006

Take Two or Three

Somehow this morning I've had more trouble than usual composing my thoughts. I've started this three times now. The first was about Secrets. The second was about sharing, but this will be the one that I share with you all.

We live in a world, (there's a generalization coming) that is, filled with wonderful lively exciting experiences. Each of us however lives in a different part of this world, some who read this are in a different hemisphere than others. But it's the same globe on which our feet rest. In some places we rest on peaceful days and in other places, way too many other places, there is war and chaos and hunger.

So, look there at your neighbor. Right here, the people nearest you. How are they doing today? Are they ok? Is your neighbor well, or hungry or lonely? What is it that your neighbor would like to hear from you?

I asked people along the way in our journeys. "How shall we pray for you?" it is an intimate question. It often stopped the conversation and then most all had a fairly ready answer. It seemed several times to be a prayer request that they couldn't pray for themselves but others could hold this in prayer "For" them. I was often moved by the purity of the request. Most often the request was for some situation outside of their own need and that had an impact on the 'kingdom' around them. Prayers for others.

How shall we pray for you?
Here's how you can pray for me today. Pray for peace. (God knows the particulars of this prayer request)

Thanks be to God and thank you for your prayer.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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