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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Wedding witness

What does it mean to witness?
as a Verb Websters' online says
Main Entry: 2witness
transitive senses
1 : to testify to : ATTEST
2 : to act as legal witness of
3 : to furnish proof of : BETOKEN
4 a : to have personal or direct cognizance of : see for oneself b : to take note of
5 : to constitute the scene or time of 2 : to bear witness to one's religious convictions

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Main Entry: 1wit┬Ěness
Pronunciation: 'wit-n&s
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English witnesse, from Old English witnes knowledge, testimony, witness, from 2wit
1 : attestation of a fact or event : TESTIMONY
2 : one that gives evidence; specifically : one who testifies in a cause or before a judicial tribunal
3 : one asked to be present at a transaction so as to be able to testify to its having taken place
4 : one who has personal knowledge of something
5 a : something serving as evidence or proof : SIGN b : public affirmation by word or example of usually religious faith or conviction
Grace and Peace. Today I get to be a witness for a wedding. I am not performing the service and I know the parents of the bride more than I know the bride or groom. (next week another wedding this time John and I will share the service).
Now we have theological meanings, legal meanings and possibly others. Legal meanings are when you see something and tell someone about court. Like the time I witnessed an accident and was summoned to court to testify. Theologically witnessings are when you see something 'awesome' and tell someone about it.. So not so different indeed.
We'll promise today to uphold this couple. We promise to share the good news. WE promise to lift up before others the beauty we behold. We be good-news tellers in all we do. What are you to witness today about the Awesomeness of God?
Tellers---transactors of Good News.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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