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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday Two too

My email accounts have not been working well the past week or so. I haven't felt well till now anyway but I'll get back to fixing them.
I did read online in the Christian Science Monitor paper, 5/15/06 an article about how well we communicate via email. I began to consider how well this communicates and have hope for the best.

The article said that
78% of the time the Communicator believes they are clearly communicating. 89% of the time the Reciever believes they are correctly interpreting
----56% of the time the receiver correctly interprets the message.

Slighty over half the time... the other 44%not so much ... humm

From our animal friends who have both basic and complex ways of communicating, verbal, body language, grunts, and moans. (wait sounds like us eh?) We perhaps can learn to not read so much into every humm someone makes or a glance away by an other, or a stare, or... whatever we interpret as being...some deep message. Maybe that is all it was...a sigh is indeed a sigh.
So, when you are emailing someone remember,perhaps, What you think you thought I said was not what I thought you should think about it at all.

except the God abides--that's clear for you I hope!

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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