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Saturday, November 05, 2005

New tricks

Grace and peace.
Do you think that there is ever an age when you can't learn something new? I heard a report that said that learning a new language as you age is a great thing to keep your mind sharp. They said you may never be completely proficient in it but learning it can help keep you sharp.
What have you learned today?
I heard someone say that there are ways that people can learn new things about how to care for others. One woman I knew some years ago had retired from her life long job and took on the role of visiting folk in the nursing home as their link with their church. It was a blessing to the people and for her in ways she hadn't counted on.
I know of a woman who started a business where people who have crafts to sell can find someone to help them sell these things and get the fair price for them.
I know of a man who took on care around his neighbors yards replacing mail boxes that seemingly often are knocked over. He keeps a repaired one in his garage ready to replace the most recently knocked down one.
I know of people who have tried something for the 'first' time ever and found that they have a gift or talent they had never known. They Stretched themselves beyond what they thought they could do.
All these are people who have decided that there are things they can do. They write letters, they help at food pantrys, they visit the sick, they bake cookies for the school, fill in the blank.

What is it that you are going to learn this week?
See me smile! I know you can...go ahead... Do it!

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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