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Thursday, November 03, 2005


. We had heard this tapping sound outside the front door for several days. At first I thought it was someone at the door, nope. Then I thought it was water dripping somewhere, (not a good sound) then figured out it was a bird. But where is it tapping? Is it makng it's way into the house? Then I looked and it was a bird sitting on the birdfeeder tapping on the side, knocking lose some of the seed, eating it, tapping again. Apparently a little moisture got in and the seed got a little sticky. Interesting eh? Well on it goes. We ckeared out the bird feeder but apparently this bird wants to tap...and so it goes.
Reminders of the way things function. Sometimes we keep doing something when it is no longer necessary because we always have.
So then, friends in Christ, let's do what is necessary but no longer essential.
God abide
Bobbie G. McGarey

"The task force (on Peace Unity and Purity) reminds us that
we are called to oneness in Christ
and unity in the church,
to allegiance to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
and to be a people shaped by the power and authority of Holy Scripture."
Clifton Kirkpatrick PCUSA

Rev. Kirkpatrick wrote this as part of his repsonse to the Theological statement that informs the report. What a great reminder of who we are as people of God.
How really beautiful this statement! And how it focuses us on faithfulness. On how we live who we are. Together.

'Cause sometimes we forget. We forget what we are all about and what we should be doing.
So now that you know... oneness, unity, allegiance,
God abides


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