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Monday, October 24, 2005

Fall Blue

Apparently last year I wrote about this too because it came up in the Title line...Fall sky...but it was there again Sunday, peeking through the greyish clouds that blue that said...not summer or spring...Fall. A beautiful sky.
One year in Fall in Utah our trees, which dropped their leaves long after our neighbor had picked up every one of his we were out raking and sacking and putting them along the street where folk would come and get them for their gardens....that year we had a huge pile. The kids and I all fell into that... resting back on that beautiful softness. Comfy and good.
We would just stand there and fallllllllllll ... trusting to be caught. And surrounded in the leaves. It was great fun.
I could hear the cheers and the canon fire from the Utah State Football game. The boom ment good things for our team but who knew what had gone on between had the other team scored too? Fall...ahhhh
Ohio had beautiful spectacular Fall time. The Ohio State Golf Course was lovely as were the Hocking Hills south east of Columbus. We'd go there every year too when I was young.
Sigh. Fall...only to rise again.
See? did you see the Fall Blue sky? It will be there again...
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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