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Friday, October 28, 2005

the leaf

I was walking with a friend of mine yesterday and saw the most beautiful leaf, maple, multicolor on the ground and picked it up...the silk/fake real/ leave in my hand surprised me. I laughed
But I've picked up many perfect leaves like that. In Ohio where the tress are multicolored red and green all together it was beautiful in the fall. We would go to Blendon Woods a public wooded area in Columbus and walk through... all seasons of the year, fall included. It was beautiful.
In my elementary years I dediced to do a leaf collection for a science project. but how to keep them from being just crunchy brown things? My Daddy's idea was to coat them in parafin wax. Whee. It worked well, Finding a wway to mount them was tricky but we did secure them somehow to the pages of my report. They stayed pretty. I was so pleased. And still pick up leaf treasures everywhere.
What fun. Picking up the leaves, trying to figure out with a key what kind they were, but even more my Daddy's love and time.
Oh I miss him, But I also think about others who don't have that kind of wonderful parental memory. Who could I share that kind of love with? How could I support someone who needs to know what a parents love, support and encouragement is all about?
How about you? How could you affirm someone you meet even if only briefly about their work or world or self? Find a way.

God abide

Bobbie Gitlz McGarey


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