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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Stories of our lives

Do you know someone who tells great stories? Who has stories of ...remember when? Well we come to that time of year when we remember when...
What are your remember when's of your life? Of when you gathered with family or friends and you laughed and had a wonderful time?
I have a lot of those, as any who have read some of these musings know. Some of the best are when we would gather at Thanksgiving with folk who weren't able to get together with their own family and we would spread across our whole kitchen counter the foods that made either Thanksgiving or Christmas...thanksgiving or Christmas for them. It was wonderful. We'd eat and laugh and talk and nap and laugh some more. I loved those days when my house was full of folks...
How did my kids feel about that? Well you'd have to ask them.Sometimes we invite a family with kids their ages so we were sure they had some play mates. We had a house then with a downstairs big room with an old carpet. As old and shaggy as it was it was wonderful because we so didn't care what happened to it.. They had great fun times there.
See... ha ha ha ha ha ... I got to a remember when.
Write down a few of those stories for your family. Some day they will treasure what you remember. Do what you can to make it what it needs to be.
God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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