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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm alrighty

I was watching the Today Show on NBC as I got ready for my day and they were showing pictures of some of the folk who were 100 or over some of them giving little advice.
One man said...everything in moderation and eating whole natural foods
One woman would always say "I'm Alrighty!" when asked how she was.
A few years ago while watching they had the picture of one of my Dad's best friends and I happened to see his picture and I'd not seen or heard of him for over 20 years. Keep Your mind active and alert he had said.
a positive attitude... it seemed to be what each of these seniors and several others claimed was what got them where they were.
It is challenging.
So, I've decided for a week not to watch news on TV. To see if I feel more positive about the world and my part in it. I will pray each morning for what is happening in the world. I will pray for the people of the world and it's leaders for wisdom and mercy for the most vulnerable.
But the day to day news ---I'm going to put aside and see how I feel.

So, you have a wonderful day. I'm off for a meeting in OKlahoma City.

God abides

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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