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Saturday, July 02, 2005


As I watch a little of Live 8 and the concerts that are trying to raise the awareness of individuals about MakingPovertyHistory ( and it's wonderful. It is because if we can open the eys of folks all around to the needs of our neighbors. And I'm trying to remind myself that there ar40e people nearby who need help hope and encouragement.
Truly we see the needs of others in the world as our needs. If people aren't fed, or educated, then they are vulnerable to others who will influence them with the simpleness of food or clean water. And we recognize too late that we are too late.
Who do you know who is hungry? Perhaps hungry for some support. A mother who needs a hug because she is overwhelmed with the care of two children. A child who needs encouragement with their schoolwork and being told they are valuable individuals. Anyone who does not know to the depth of their hearts that they are beloved children of God.
That might be the lady sitting next to you iin a fancy restruant who think that things and shoes that are $140/pair. (By the way they look like flipflops with jewels and a high heel) Or fill in whatever you want as something that is obscene iin it's cost but we pay for it anyway. How much for coffee with a name and a little foam?

This is the time. Becuause we don't know what tomorrow holds except another full measure of the love of God. Our 'cup' of fortune of God's love runs over. Let's get a cup for our neighbor.

God abide
happy 4th of July.

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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