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Thursday, June 23, 2005


John's mother who just got home from Afghainstan in april is coming to see us. She is 84. She had a remarkable experience and it was not all easy, but it was good. There were so many ways she was able to contribute to the good of the kingdom. How blessed we are by her. And how the world is changed by the work she continues to do.

We will work on organizing the picitures she is going to share with others. She will sign some of the books Analea wrote about her. She will touch other lives.

Whose lives are you going to change today? Unless you stay home, alone, all day, no phone, (and those days happen now and then) you will influence someone. What do say to the people at the gas store...mail man.. you touch others. Will it be a time when the world is changed for the good.

Will you tell the woman who waits on your table what a lovely smile she has? Will you treat with kindness someone who is having a very bad day even if it doesn't seem to change them? (That reminds me one time of a waitperson who came to our table and said how's your day? We said our car broke down and we are waiting for a tow. She said, OH YEA! I broke my ankle and I'm still walking on it and can't go to the hospital until after my shift!) (oh my!)

You can surely touch someone in the world in a good way. There is an older Christmas Movie, One Magic Chrismas that addresses kindness.

Be ready.. We should sing Joy to the world in June.

Expect good things coming to you today and bring good things to others.
God abide

Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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