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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Pushing out the Blue

Heading home from the meeting Saturday we encountered some pretty impressive weather. The darkened sky before us made us stop and call a friend when we got to Chickasha before heading the last 30 miles to Duncan. She looked at the TV forcast and said, well, you wait about 10 minutes and then go because there is a small window between storms. We did that, but still got into some rain that made us reconsider and get ready to turn back, but we went on, trying not to be foolish. We got home fine and did what she said because as we pulled into our driveway another storm came through. We had just ---that much time---- to get through between storms.

Maya Angelou once in a tv interview with Bill Moyers talked about pushing out the blue. As I remember, and have told it from then till now, she said that in the center of big storms, like hurricanes, is the eye, and in the eye the sky is blue, I've stood in th eye of a hurricane, when I was young and visiting VA Beach. When the eye came over we snuck out of the house and looked up to see the stars Crystal Clear and just right there... The sky Navy Blue ... But the storm returned.
What Maya talked about was that we who are so blessed stand in the center of the storms of the world and it is our job to push out the blue, To push out the troubles of the world until they disappear and become nothing compared to the good of the world. The blue of the sky that we've all seen one time or another....that Good life that we all share...that challenges us in every way to be out there, being the people we are created to be.
Sometimes it takes acutally moving out into that spinning, offering peace and then seeing if the blue cannot be shared by everyone...
It isn't that hard... it's like threading the needle between storms... with God all things are possible. What are you going to do this day to 'push out the blue'? Standing in the calm presence of God in the middle of it all with you? Oh and remember this..YOU CAN DO THIS!

God abide

Have a great week
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Rev. Dr. Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Southwest OK Presbyterian Parish.


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