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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


The other day as I headed to the city on a tollroad I saw, as I sped by, a little tiny turtle, about fist size. It was headed toward the concrete median that runs the length of the tollroad. I easily passed over it as did the car that followed. Well that's two that didn't hit it.

I wished I could have stopped and turned it around. Intervention! Turn Back! Turn Back! But at 75 legal miles per hour I couldn't get back. So on to the City.

My daughter is taking her national medical boards that last two days. Wow what they demand of Doctors! I am so proud of her as he workes for her D.O. like her Great- Grandmother she'll be an Osteopath. She prepared well and by late this afternoon I believe she will have achieved that part of her goal, and will be ready for rotations. I went up to cook for her, deliver what food they wanted from nearby restraunts, and lend whatever support I can by doing a load of dishes or clothes.

On my way home two days later, after a long meeting, I recognized the area on the road where I had seen the turtle. I looked all around on the opposite lane and again at 75 mph didn't see sign of the turtle on the other side. Then I looked in my lane, there, really, there was a little turtle. Could it be? Could that little one have been out in that road two days and now half a lane from the safety of the 'other' side? I plan to think so.
I looked at the concrete barriers and noticed for the first time that there are places between the long concrete walls that are cut out. Maybe a foot long and eight inches or so high. I guess they are there for water --not turtles... Even so perhaps it works for turtles too.

So, does this apply to people too? Sometimes perhaps the people headed in the wrong direction need to stop and tell us not to worry, there is a break in the barrier and I can get through to the other side. And perhaps we need to see that getting to the other side can be done with some persistence.

By the way, Good luck today!

God Abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

Rev. Dr. Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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