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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Like a Bug wing

I was driving home today and some big bug hit my windshield and stuck under the wiper. Somehow one of the wings was pinned right against the window. I don't know what it was, it flittered off before I could study the remnants. But I could see the wing. It was beautiful. The shape not curved but with some indentions that gave it a really lovely look. I was amazed. And then I remembered when I was studying entomology I learned the names of each of the lines on a flying insect. The lines, each one of them has a name. Oh trust me I don't remember them.
But friends, if humankind can name the lines on a bugs' wing ...surely it wouldn't be impossible for God to number the hairs on our heads, or to watch the sparrow... Can we not see the amazing world in which we live that gives us beauty in the wing of an insect, there is beauty enough for everyone.
let's not ever ever forget.
and do something beautiful for God.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


Rev. Dr. Bobbie G. McGarey


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