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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Power cord

Ok, I left my power cord for my computer with Betsy. She'll bring it down in a day or too...but I didn't discover it before the computer went into 'sleep' mode and -well-so--er---now I'm using John's computer till the cord arrives.
What have I learned?
A. Make a list
B. Check off the list

And perhaps a life lesson as well. We human beings run on batteries,until we 'get it'. That is to say we now and then recharge our batteries and go again but we forget the power cord. That cord I believe is our connection to the Holy. That connection that has unlimited length is what allows us not to rush around and try to finish tasks before our energy runs out---rather it allows our energy to be so completely constant that there is nothing we cannot do. All too often we expect ourselves to have all the answers, all the energy, when what we need to be doing is using the energy and power of the spirit to send us out to do God's work.

And that work is right there before us all. It could be the work of prayer. Focused intentional prayer for those concerns of our world where ever we are. It could be prayer for people in crisis. It could be prayer for ourselves.
That work could be advocating for someone who needs our help. That kind of help that they cannot do for themselves = mercy.
That kind of work could be for justice for those we don't even know personally but we know their situation in life and know that we have the power to effect change.
That kind of work could be a hug for a child who needs to feel the embrace of someone safe. kindness..
"To seek justice and mercy and kindness...."
Plug in to the power of God's love for you and you will have the energy for wonder-full life.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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