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Sunday, May 22, 2005

lost chances

There was a young boy who died Friday night in a traffic accident in rural Oklahoma. i don't know the details of the accident or of his life. I know he was 17 and died the day after his hard fought high school graduation. There is nothing but tragedy in all of this. nothing...
The angels weep and the boy goes home. His life had never been easy..but now he was in the arms of God. This I believe.
But even though I never met him, nor will ever meet him, I miss him.
I miss the spirit of all those children who don't get to live to be adults. Who seek responsibility and who seek to have opportunity....and it is lost. Whether it be from action that can be changed, or wheter it is something that willnever change, death, we have those who are lost to the opportunites of life to be there.
Know that God's love is wrestling with an angel for a blessing.
Me...i'm gonna pray for al the children with lost chances, by happenstance, human chaos aroundthem, or justbecause.
God abide with this family adn all who mourn. ALL who mourn.

Bobbie Giltz Mcgarey


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