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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Home again

We were on the road last week to AZ and now home. I actually love to drive, which is good because I have to drive a lot. We went West on I-40. From Amarillo to Flagstaff.
The scenery between here and there is so different, you are going along on high plain where you can see the 360 horizon to a desert, mountain, mesa area... all so beautiful in their own way. There are several spots on the journey when you can see for miles and miles the road stretched out ahead of you and you KNOW you have to get from here to there....and you can see exactly how that is going to happen. Sigh.
And the interesting part to me is that even though you know it in the long view you don't know what you see along the way. You can't know about that formation of rocks, or that raven that swoops over the road, or the odd little wild flowers that hug the ground so as not to get blown over in the wind.
It's like life it seems. We know we have from there... to be here. What we don't know along the way are the details. We don't know the joys, the sorrows, the double over laughter times, or the tears that don't stop, "the times to dance and the time to refrain from dancing." Ecclesiastes
So let it be. Let yourself be present to the time. Be conscious of each day's challenges and each day's gifts to you. Recieve the good that comes and pass on good to others. B R E A T H E
Life goes so quickly. Our children grow so fast from tiny infants needing everything to teenagers who know everything to young adults who enjoy everything to...
May you know this week a time each day...that makes you in your own way...want to dance!

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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