Awakening a Keen Observer

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


As you work on things and accomplish things, things change. Perhaps its merely a change of your attitude. Perhaps it isn't a real change.
A paradigm shift is really a change. That is where the story you have of the world, personal, work, the real world, changes. It is like a new lens that you see through. All of a sudden things become clear. Suddenly all things make sense. Now to be honest a paradigm shift will not necessairily make things make sense. It might however make things real.
An example is one's understanding of Santa Claus. I remember our children when they were young asking me to tell them the 'truth' was there really a Santa Claus? I said 'Well I think so"... because I do believe there is a spirit of Giving that lives in all of us.
But a shift can come when you see a news report and really listen....there are people dying in Dufar. There are thousands in refugee centers. There are millions of orphan children whose parents died of AIDS. And the shift may come when we go to buy ...something just because...and realize that given through the right people you could acutally help the widow, the refugee, the Aids orphan. And here's the clue. This is true. A little you can do can help a lot those people in need.
So, it seems that we need to see changes as our become more alert to the needs of the world.

Bless you, and your new lens. Find out where you can help and get out there and do this.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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