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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lost Ticket

I heard a news report in Chicago while I was there and apparently somewhere was a lottery ticket for 14 million that hadn't been cashed in and apparently the holder of the ticket didn't know it was a winning one. They gave people a couple of days to look again....
What if today, a couple of days late, you found that ticket. What would you have...the same thing you had before you found the ticket... nothing.
Nothing that was won, but everything to be had. You would have everything you needed already. You have that already.
We spend so much time looking and seeking when all we really need to do is enjoy who we are. Oh yes, I think we need to nurture and care for those relationships that are important to us. That's not so hard really....taking care of those we love.
and...remember what we get to do is to nurture others and supprot them on their journeys as well. Even the ones who are hardest to love. perhaps especially the ones.. perhaps we should ask of those who are difficult what pain in their lives has caused them to lose their joy...and their focus and often direct their pain onto others.

Be well
Happy Groundhog's day... winter more?

God Abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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