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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Another Day --Another Year.

Somehow the passing of an hour made a change in the world. It is least most of us agree on that date. There are some people who run their religious life on another calendar. But in the world of business we all have agreed to agree that it is 2005.
There are many ways we have agreed --- about times, date, days, and about some common human kindness.

Why don't we then apply this one start of agreement with everything we do?

Perhaps there is no answer to this question. Let us focus on what it is that we have in common. People cry when someone dies. People laugh when amused. Children play and fall down and skin their knees. Adults make decisions and not all of them are the best ones. This is life. This is what brings us energy and amusement and spirit.

As the world faces this horror, we dare not turn our heads on the other hurting places and people. We need to be active on other's behalf as well. Let's not wait until the tragedy gets huge to begin praying and working for justice in the world. Let us begin now wherever we are to speak out for those who have no voice. Let us be the ones ahead of the pace of hurting and bring healing, here where we are planted, where you are planted. This you CAN do!

God Abide
Happy New Year.

Bobbie Gitz McGarey
@2004 no 2005


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