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Monday, November 01, 2004

It's not about God--or is it?

What happens tomorrow in the U.S. is not about God. God is almighty, creator, counselor, lover of all humankind.
What is about God is how faithful we are to peace and the world that God has given us to care for. Peace that is of the heart. Peace that fills the world with joy. Justice- Peace that is about loving our neighbor and nothing at all to do with power over. It is about taking care of one another and loving one another. It is about God's love given to one another through our hands. Not God's hands. It is about God's presence in our world...the whole world...and realizing that we are but a part of that world.
Years ago John and I went to the Grand Canyon. We stopped at the first overlook, it was cool but no where near as great as the ones further in the park. I stood in awe, true awe of the earthen levels so clearly marked, the millions of years exposed. I thought of my part of the earth and the sliver of the earth that shows for when my short life is present. I was without words. A woman hopped out of a car ---ran over to the edge---looked in and said. Whelp. That's Good---let's go! And they drove away out of the park. I think she missed the perspective of life that was layed out before her. She was a viewer not a participant.
That's missing our part of the world and the part we play in it. It is missing the point that we have work to do while we are here to thank God for giving us at least a little work to do. And it is our work to bring God's love.
So, remember as things unfold in the next few days... Perhaps the title is wrong... IT is about God.... But God needs our praise not our direction.

God abides ---and for that I thank God
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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