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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

always God's

One of the lines in the Brief Statement of Faith by the Presbyterian Church is...In life and in death we belong to God.
Isn't belonging one of the key parts of our development as humans. We want to identify and belong to a family. A family that will nurture and support us. We want to belong to a group of friends as we get older and recognize there are others outside of our household group. We want them to like us...and to be 'like' us as well. We want to belong to a group of people who believe and think and talk about God in the same way. We want to belong to a .... party, golfcourse, clique, club, life-style, etc... kind of gathering.
We just don't want to be a-lone.
And whaHoo! Here's the good news.. WE are never ever alone. Because we know that God abides with us. God recongizes us, God has a place for us, God understands us even when we can't express ourselves clearly, God knows us and (you should know this by now) God loves us still.
There is never a time we don't belong to God. No matter!
Don't be afraid... God goes before you always...
Have a great day...
God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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