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Friday, October 29, 2004


I was away for a conference for Pastors of Small Membership Churches. It was well done and we worked hard while there as people trying to support and lead.
Then the lunar eclipse moon ...and it was spectacular from where we were in the Hill Country of TX at MO-Ranch.
A few of us after Chapel went to the Tennis courts where there was a clear view of the sky and the full moon. We waited. Laughed and watched and then saw the beginning as a slice was taken from the lower left of the moon. As it grew we watched, sometimes more patiently than others. And then...Is that totality? Is that? Is that? And when it happened we clapped and cheered and laughed. It was pretty incredible! Awesome in fact. And it lasted and lasted... far longer than we thought and then the deep clouds rolled in and the whole of the moon was gone.

But really part of the amazement was that as the bright light of the full moon was obscured during the eclipse...there were more and more and more and more stars. The deep blue looked at one point like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting. And then we saw the Milky way. One woman hadn't ever seen the milky way and was surprised when we said it was that thick white band of stars...see right there.

We can't always see the individual stars because of the light of the fullest moon. In life we can't always see the light of the sweetest kindest people who hold up the sky because of those who are 'stars' in the world who get the attention and the praise and the awe.
And it is the good people, everywhere, not the 'star-celebrities' who hold up the world in love.

It is the people who helped out the woman stranded by the road with a flat tire. It is the people who helped the child when she was lost from Daddy in the store. It is the people who say thank you and leave a generous tip to the waitress who made their meal extra special but who was overworked and tired. It is the people who smile. Randomly and wave howdy from their car. It is the people who teach, who wait, who clean, who serve all the others most of the time without individual praise or thanks.

Those are the ones who make up the Milky Way of Good in the world. Let's see if somehow we can't join them... not eclipsing them... just joining them.

Good to be home
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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