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Saturday, October 23, 2004


I caught up on reading my email and discovered that a friend had twins a couple of days ago. Both really full size infants! What a mom! Anyway we now have a new Alexandria and Andrew in the world. Welcome

What can we promise them...or any other of the new-born's of the world. It's different here than in some places you know. Children here have a lot better chance of making it to their early birthdays. There isn't any discrimination between girls and boys on that account. What can we promise them?

Are we willing to promise them that we'll work to clean up some of the polluted water before they are old enough to take care of that themselves. Can we promise them we'll work on the healthcare system so that it will work where it's not working so well just now? Can we promise them that we will be a country known for it's peacemaking efforts first? Can we promise them education to the best of their abilities? Well let's see. We all had this ourselves pretty much. Why aren't we working harder to pass it on?

Did you have someone to read to you as a child? You could read to someone who doesn't have anyone home to listen to them read. Did you have someone home to greet you after school? You could find a way to help provide care for children till their parent/parents got home from work. What is the best thing your family did for you? Could you find a way to pass that on to someone else.

Think about this.
I think we could when we work together. ... make a difference for all the Alexandrias and Andrews of the world... or just next door.
God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey

I'm heading for MO-Ranch (you can look it up on the internet if you want to see pictures). There is a gathering in the Synod of the Sun of Small Church Pastors for M-the. We should have a good opportunity to share information and stories and ideas and support. Pray for us all as we gather.


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