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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

home again

I got home from my course at McCormick tonight. It is good to be hone. It is still fall but the temps here in OK are in the 80's and that feels good. I'm not quite ready for colder weather. I got to see my cousins while in Chicago...always brings me great joy.
Ahhh the trees up north. They glow really they do. The reds and the bright yellows and the sun in them is amazing. And even some days, as a friend said, the yellows emit a color-light all their own.
When I was young and lived in Ohio we would go to the Hocking Hills and see the trees there in the fall. Those rolling gentle pre-Appalachia mountain hills were so very beautiful. I can see them in my mind and almost smell them. I remember many many hikes there with friends and family. I miss that part of the world sometimes.
I even brought some of the leaves home. They are slightly pressed, a little dry, but still color beautiful.
Press in your mind something wonderful about the day. Let it be as a marker in your life, a new day. Keep your memories keen but your dreams for this day even keener and sharper and in focus and then live into it.
I am no longer young. I am younger than I will be tomorrow. And you know, that is OK!.
Deep breath, It is mid-October and time to be ready, the days shorten but that means we are one more day closer again to spring.
....and if you don't have dreams, well friend, now this the time to claim some for your own.
God abide and send you the 'dream'
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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