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Sunday, September 26, 2004

What we know

I found some letters my mother wrote me when I was in college. I also found some from my grandmother. It seems that talking about the weather in a letter was part of what the family did. But then again, there was not national news/weather service. We couldn't hear about storms before they hit. We just weathered what came.
A couple of years ago a hurricane came into Va Beach where my Aunt and Uncle live. I called them once during the storm and though their electricity was gone the phone worked. I was watching the storm report, pictures of the ocean at the Beach, and telling them what was happening where they were. I was in Olkahoma at the time.

How did we function without a daily, or up to the minute forcast? We wouldn't know that a fourth hurricane in the same year would hit Florida hard. If it was but a few years ago we might just be hearing by letter that there had been a first storm. Time flies, distances melt, and we all become one under the sun.

And you know, we are...all of us here...ONE under the sun. The same sun that shines on me in the morning is shining on those I love in India right now. The same winds blow around the earth, (we learn that when a volcano erupts and sends its dust cloud into the air). We are all on this one earth together.

Do we really know that? We don't act like we do.

What do we know?
We are bound together, family all around the earth. Weather happens everywhere, life happens everywhere, joy and sorrow, hunger and thirst, hope......
hope..... hope..... everywhere.

What we know is that we are all sisters and brothers under the sun.
Now let's act like it.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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