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Friday, September 24, 2004

A Trillion

What would you do if your holdings in life were a trillion dollars? Well Bill Gates has to figure that out. His company has given way a lot, transferred the stock to his foundation, but that still leaves you with enough...Don't you think.

Well as I read this article from a 'yahoo' link to Forbes magazine --it caught my breath. I began thinking what I would do with the money. There were articles about the average price of houses in new desirable places to live. These houses cost more than all my debt. There were article about stars, the celebrity entertainment/sports kinds. Deep sigh.
Then I read articles about the world where people have two dollars a day for their life. They don't have debt I hear you say... no they don't have ANYTHING. No need to have repair insurance on appliances, they don't have any. They have fresh food, when there is food, because there is no storage. Shall we talk about the numbers of people who are refugees. What they did have they have been forced to leave or die. Now they live in cloth tents with less than nothing. No water, no food, no sanitation,
How can there be such disparity? One of the articles I read said, (and it sounded smug to me) "The rich keep the economy going so that everyone can benefit." Deep breath! If it trickle down I don't think that the people in Sudan refugee camp, or in the poorest counties in the state and country would say that it had ever reached them.
A trillion?
100- hundred
1,000- thousand
10,000- ten thousand
100,000 - one hundred thousand

1,000,000- million-

1,000,000,000 billion

1,000,000,000,000 trillion

When you think of your life, which of the categories do you 'work' in.

Talking about money makes us anxious doesn't it? Is it a measure of one's real value?

I don't think so. One's real true value comes from the measure of the heart and what one does with Whatever they have.

Jesus told a story about a widow who put in all she had out of her 'bounty'. That story is a challenge not just to the top top money people, but to every single person. Everyone.
Because what we do with what we have says more about us and our relationship to Jesus than anything else we do.

God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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