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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I read an article that said that one of the ways to stay healthy is to have a good laugh, deep laugh, everyday. Well that is a prescription one should be able to follow.

But some days there doesn't seem like a lot to laugh about. Irony makes me laugh. You know the kind of story about an anger managment counselor who while staying in a hurricane shelter --- got angry and sicked his pit bull dogs on someone who made him angry. (There's work to be done there eh

What does make us laugh? Silly stories. I remember once reading "How do porcupines hug and kiss? Very carefully!" now that is a child-like joke I think but as I look at it there is irony there too. We don't think of things that are sharp and pointy and dangerous engaging in kindness.... and they do...just gently.

I have a friend Jimmy in TX who would call me every morning with a joke. Some were better than others, but that started my day with a smile. We'd talk about all kinds of things and perhaps that is part of the light heart with which I would aproach the joke...I knew that a friendly conversation followed.

So laughter is also better shared. Yesterda our church hosted a meal for a family and when we were in the kitchen cleaning up two sisters there got to talking and laughing and it was so fun to hear their shared amusement. I laughed from the contagion of their joy and laughter.

So perhaps what this rambling is about really is how can we be those who spread not colds or flu, but laugter in the world? How can our lives be those that bring goodness into a world that so needs ---for health reasons--- to find some amusement with ourselves. Never laughter at the expense of anyone but at the irony of lfie itself.

God abides
Bobbie McGarey


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