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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Through the Archway

In our living room is a picture of the Taj Mahal in Agra India. What an amazing site. Gladys, my mother in law, took the picture with our son Johnny and his cousin Gabriel in shadow, silouette, on either side of this amazing carved archway. The three times I've been to the Taj I went to that same portal. It is a popular place for picture.
but looking through it you focus on this amazing building 350 years old. And someitmes miss the individuals on the side. We do that a lot don't we?
We look at the things that are amazing and attention-getting and miss the people on the side. In this country, the richest in the world, we miss the folk who don't have food, or healthcare, or employment, or education, or friends, or transportation, or any way to do what they were created to do.

We see the stars...the celebrity types who have perfected the art of being noticed. They can be entertainment, or sports, or whatever but they are the ones people look at and see. Not the people on the side. And they all too often so overpower those on the sides that they are never noticed.

Perhaps Jesus had trouble with his driect vision ---because he was always seeing the people on the side. The poor, the widow, the orphan, those bound in trouble or tiral, or illness or pain, or hopelessness, or confusion. And he said...Come follow me.

He didn't say...I'm the star. He said look to God for the light. He taught the world what it is to love without limit. He taught us how much God wants us. That Jesus came.... and left us with the profound message of God's incredible love for everyone in creation.

Perspective through the archway of our lives....what do you see out there? whatever that goal, that might be and not miss the people on the side, or the environment, or the "others" of the world who only can stand at the sides.

Open our eyes that we may see --visions of truth you have for me... open my eyes illumen me, Savior divine.

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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