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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

TOOMUCH too little

Our water pipe broke outside the house... the neighbor called and asked if we were wattering because water was running out of our yard into his and down his driveway. First let me say that there is quite a distance between our house and their house. This was not good news.

We walked out and quickly sloshed to the problem. There was a break in the line into our house and the water was burbling ---the only way to describe it--- like a fountain. The grass and the yard is soaked through and it mushes down underfoot. The city came promptly and have been working on it for two days now...can you hear them working out there cutting something as I write?

But what worries me when this happens, (this is the second time for us at this spot) is all the water wasted. We are water rich here. Or at least we act like it don't we sometimes. I mean we all take long showers and hot baths and we use so much water. We don't appreciate what it is like not to have it.

Until it is gone. Like right now while I'm here becasue the workmen are here all I think of is putting a load of wash in, or refilling the dishwasher, or getting that floor in the bathroom clean, or water things...

Too much too little also applies it seems to the rain. We had an odd amount of rain in August and then once again we are looking for it...but the folks in Alabama and GA and Florida have had so much rain the lakes and rivers are all at flood stage. And IVAN..a new hurricane is on it's way by or through those areas.

Resources are like that it seems. too much too little. There's that old fairy tale about Goldilocks and everything needing to be just right. One chair too big, another too small, another just right. One bed too hard, too soft, just right... Food too hot, too cold, just right..Spoiled as we are as a country we insist that everything be just right. We deserve it don't we?

But do we diserve just right? ----Do we diserve it more than anyone else?
Check this out...

There is work to be done... not just the routine washing, cleaning, sorting.
The work to be done is the work of God in the world. We who have so much don't want to see those who have too little. This world that is just Beyond us... even if that is just down the street or over the tracks needs all we are and all we can do.
God bless your work.
You know in your heart what you can do.
Even more you know what you must do!
If you don't know you can donate through your church to relief efforts around the world. You know the money will go to the people who need it.

God Abide
Bobbie McGarey


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