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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Football US style

I listened to the OSU --that's Ohio State Universtiy--football game with NCS over the internet. I do like radio. Ok so I feel asleep and missed the touchdown, but it was still well done.
When I was little my Mom and Dad and I would go to the games. That was in the 50's and you sat wherever you wanted according to when you got there. Apparently, my Dad liked the game because we almost always had great seats. Then when tickets got harder to get somehow my Dad, (well he was on the OSU Golf Course Greens committee with the head of the athletic dept). still got great seats. I even got to go and sit there with him, about two rows in front of the OSU president.
When I was in college I went because we could get good rates as students. But our seats weren't so great. I remember one away game my friends and I went to where it was so cold we thought the hot chocolate would feel better poured in our boots to defrost our toes than to drink it. And from where our seats were in the endzone about 4 rows up, the perspective was the players getting a little bigger or a little smaller, we had no idea where they were on the field. Maybe my memory is tainted because even after I got so cold, we lost.

Now to get tickets it is a lottery to get seats in the wayyyyyyyyyyyy up there section--maybe. And for much bigger $$$...for sure.

But what is this ritual that we call football? Is it the game? The Texas Aggies at A+M where we lived for a while would say it was, of course, the GAME --that's why they stand up --90% of them stand the whole game, ready to go in and play.
Ok, ok, I confess I cry when I watch the Ohio State Marching band play Script Ohio and march.
Football, or is it America's love for the pagent.? Is it the show around the game? Or the hot-dogs? Or the fact that you are sitting with 89,000+ folks...a huge group experience that overtakes you in its magnitude. We sing together, yell together, sigh together, cheer together for two to four hours.
We'll do most anything to be AT the Big Game whose ever Big Game that is for you. We will gladly pay anything, fly anywhere, make sacrifices of work or whatever it takes.
Apparently we have a real way of honoring the sport, our memories, whatever it is for you.

What devotion? I sat there with my feet freezing. Really! I'm lucky I didn't lose a toe. But what sacrifice would I make for something far less glamourous or far more meaningful? What am I willing sacrifice for....?

What are we willing to sacrifice for:
To give money for...
to travel for ...
to sacrifice for ...
to change our schedule for...
to _______ for....
to spend money for...

Whatever "that" is has power in your life.
Claim that, face that, and determine if "that" is really what you want it to be. What else in your life claims you so much?

Next week OSU (again Ohio State), isn't playing, so I guess if you wanted to do something saturday afternoon.......I'm free.

God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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