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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Power Again

I read an article the other day about solar power being of great use in parts of India. They have so many people and such huge demands and so many in remote areas that electricity is taken for granted. Right now in some areas where there is great drought the electricity is off many hours during the day. It is just part of life there. Solar power may really help some things to function.
We depend on the sun for our light and energy in so many ways. (No this isn't going to be a biology lesson on the cycle of life...but just keep that in mind.) What we do know already how the sun's energy touches and effects every living thing. We depend on the Sun.
Years ago when I was in college, let's not dwell on how many, I stood in line with students who wanted to change their courses. (ok that tells us it was in the primitive times when this was done by hand and not over the phone or internet) Anyway as we were in line folks were talking about what classes they wanted to change. One guy said he had a night class but didn't want it because it was at night. Astronomy....Ok Ok I know that not all astronomy has to be taught at night but there was some irony in it.
Then a friend said in her astronomy class the professor said that the sun would burn out it's energy in "so many years". One student was shocked and raised his hand and said with great urgency... Did you say million or billion!? The professor, I think, said Billion. The student sighed "Whoef" in total relief. S I G H......
Wait wait... neither million or billion is in your realm of worry or control...

And it isn't is it! We fret and worry and hem-n-haw about things we cannot change.
We look to the sun for power. We look to others for power. We look everywhere but where the true power is....
"The spirit of the Creator was on the waters" and there was light. That Spirit, that Sun is the Son who brings to us peace and breath and everything that is. And guess what. Neither you nor I, nor anything else in all of creation, can separate us from that power, that love. Nothing ....can separate us.
Thanks be to God
God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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