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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Cool Morning

This morning felt different. Almost that Fall change that comes. You know that ONE day when suddenly it feels like fall. It is a combination of temperature, humidity, and probably a little pollen thrown in for good measure, (Bless you!)

Suddenly someone from other days came to mind and I wanted to call/write her and say let's have lunch. I don't live anywhere near her anymore but recalled similar days over the years when I had done that and we'd met at a little lunch place and had crossants. We'd talk about everything and nothing all at the same time.

There are hinges that memory links to ..things we remember...people that we recall...and the sweet ones should be treasured as much as the harsh ones are recalled as well.

I heard Garrison Keiller (Writers Almanac) quote Ann Beattie "People forget years and remember moments."

What do we recall? I pray for you that at that moment when something trips your memory it is a good one. Something or someone that makes you smile. Something that helps you through the harsher times.

And yes... What moments are you making in the world today? What will people remember? A blessing you gave them with a smile, be it friend or stranger. Hope you leave on a counter as you are polite to someone serving you? Patience for just one more minute with someone who needs your time more than you need to 'be" somewhere else. All these things are yours to give. And make memories that bring smiles. What can we do in this world? There is much we can do to change the world. Start where you are. After is God who put you here... Thanks Be to God

Ah... yes... think I'll write her an email.

God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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