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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Three women

I just heard from a young woman who is entering Seminary. She sent me an email address update. I am so excited for/with her as she starts this work. She is JUST married and full of energy and enthusiam, (but I think this is a normal state for her.) I hope to hear from her. Pray for her that she is touched by the work ahead and continues her enthusiam for life and the church.
I just heard from a young woman I knew in Utah who is expecting twins, her 3rd and 4th child. The other two boys are a little older. I am excited for her, for them, and seek prayers for a safe delivery for them all.
I just heard from a third woman who had news that was 'not good' from her doctor. She's older than the first two but no less deserving of miracles in her life. She seeks healing of body and strength for her spirt in the days ahead, and this we will pray for her.

You pray too. Pray for all three.

We are blessed in our lives with many people who stay in touch with us and keep us filled with energy and excitement about their lives. We get outside ourselves and our own little worries.

Today, let's keep our own worries in perspective.

God who knows us and loves us still. Fill these women's lives with your fullest measure of joy and grace and mercy and healing. Thank you for your presence. And for all who need your prayers we raise them to you on their behalf. You know the heart.

God abide
Bobbie McGarey


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