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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July. July

Hello friends This time last week I was in Pittsburg for the Presbyterian General assembly. As always there were some interesting decisions. But perhaps somehow they should have a huge dove kite fly over the plenary reminding folk of the Holy Soirit leading. But, as sure I as I am about most anything I think everyone no matter which side of an issue they fall felt led by the Spirit. Some were just led by the Spirit they wanted to be led by...and if a vote when another way it was THEM defying the Spirit calling. I stood outside the plenary one time and when folk passed I said may the Spirit bless you. Folk would look, at me, what I was wearing, buttons for a cause or not. Rainbow stole or not. ( maybe burkenstocks or not). And reply, on, ya, uh ha, thank you was an interesting experience. I think of the prayer. " not my will but thine...". " thy will be done". And think that too often we change it to not thy will but MINE....MY will be done... Or like john and I heard Jerry Falwell say' ". If we all pray together we can put pressure on God.". Wow, really. Perhaps our daily prayer should be, let the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts, be found acceptable in your sight, O God. Our strength and our redeemer.". It's a thought. God abide Bobbie Giltz McGarey @2012


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