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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A.M. Robin

Hello friends,
     Well just so you know A.M. Robin is not the author of a book...that is the Robin who begins singing EVERY morning between 3:45-3:55am.  churpdlddelchurp.
     I started keeping track of it by writing it down on a paper by my bed.  Ok, can you tell I once was a biologist, well still am apparently.   The robin sings about 20 minutes...and stops...
     I can sleep through phones ringing, alarm clocks, the former tenant upstairs who I thought had a pony,  but I wake for the Robin's song.  
     Yes I can and do fall back to sleep for a few more hours.  I've decided I will just smile when it sings.
This morning I remembered a Peter,Paul,and Mary song...If I had wings...
       If I had wings no one would ask me could I fly
       The bird sings no one asks why 
      I can see in myself, wings as I feel them
      If you see something else keep your thoughts to yourself,
      I'll fly free then...  

I think the robin sings to remind me every day... choose joy

God Abide
Bobbie G. McGarey
@2012. 06.06


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