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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two kinds

We once saw a statement about individuals...Christians in this case. We think it was Martin Marty but it went something like this, "There are two kinds of Christians, mean and not mean."

It is an odd designation. One is either welcoming or not. One is either hospitable or not. One is either kind and compassionate or not. One is overtaken by power or not. In all of this there is an amazing truth here.

When there is power over someone or something then I am always suspicious of one's motivation. Jesus had power over evil. Jesus has power over evil. That is why when Christians behave in a harsh manner toward one another I am always taken-back. I am shocked and saddened. Because I know this happens. It has happened to me and to others that I love. It has happened to strangers.

Obviously these 'believers' didn't read the part in the scripture where Jesus says, "love one another". It's not an option it is a commandment.

Have you wonder then how do we ever come to be unkind to anyone? Not that we don't stand up against injustices and protect one another as we know that .
But when the injustice is one Christian to another I have little patience. I suppose you may wonder where this is coming from in my life....It is from the way that some Christians are behaving toward one another in India. I shall not go into detail as it might put some in peril.

(God, help us to love each other)~~MAASAI PRAYer

May we so live that others may know God's love for them.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey



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