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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear David and Andrew, !

Grace and mercy be yours in fullest measure.

Well this week has been over full. I returned from Minneapolis and the Clergy Job Fair and General Assembly on Wednesday I met some wonderful people at the General Assembly gathering and continue to pray for open doors. We returned home to OKlahoma Saturday after finishing up some things in Ft. Worth.

I preached in a lovely congregation Sunday in a lovely little church, had a great BBQ after, met a real cowboy and had a great time hearing his stories. Got back to Duncan about 4pm.

Andrew R- I tried to catch up on the emails and found one from a friend in Utah telling me about her grandson being killed in an auto accident. He was 5. Andrew one of the twins. We had married the parents some years ago and baptized their first born 10 years ago just before we left Utah. What a tragedy. The Mom and Dad have been upheld by their faith and said they hold no grudge against the lady who hit her son as he had ridden his bike in front of her car. The funeral was this afternoon. God bless their minister and the church family.

David F - A year ago this week another friend lost a son to illness he was in his 20's. He was a delight to know and his life touched so many others. I feel for them in this time as it is never easy on anniversaries such as this.

God I believe holds both of these families in God's loving arms. As I believe God holds their beloved children. It is always out of 'order' when a child dies before the parents. I pray for these folks and the siblings of the two young boys(men).

The mother of the younger boy said to the newspaper...remember to hug your kids and tell them you love them all the time because you never know.

I think that admonition applies to everyone we know.
Remember all of you...
You are a beloved Child of God.

God abide
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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