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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jets and gliders

I was watching the birds on the way to work today. There are two kinds I see though not spoken in scientific-speak: Jets and gliders.
The jets are the wonderful swallows who dart and turn and swoop all with wings seemingly held in tight formation. They are the kind of birds that nest under roadway bridges..eves on your house..or a protected rock overhanging. It is really great to watch them. And that movement isn't just for fun they are hunting on the fly. Swoop zoom angle turn... I some times wonder when there are a lot of them do they ever just bump into one another?
The gliders are my favorite Herons. There were three kinds of herons in one pond Sunday. But when they fly there is a gentle full wing flexing flying and they glide as well. Their reason for flying is more to get from here to there than to swoop and zoom to catch food. The heron walks and fishes.

always longing to fly
humankind still moves
through life
jetting or gliding

get in get it done do it now do it my way
observe pray reason listen listen God's way

what way
will really finish
will really continue
the work given to us
to be the church

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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