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Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I am in Virginia for two days visiting my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins as I always did growing up at Christmastime. The hotel Betsy and I are in overlooks the ocean. Last night it was calm with gentle waves that broke a distance from shore. We could see the lights of ocean liners coming toward Norfork, VA --commerce continues.
This morning we woke to a storm, wind, rain, gray skies and the fog coming in so we can't see as far out as we could. It is beautiful to watch the waves powerful and churning. Ever changing in their patterns. Awesome
Two years ago when John and I went to Bali, Indonesia, the waves there predictable and long slow surfing type breakers.
This reminds me - the only thing constant is change. I had a dream telling that to someone last night. It's true. Surely a lesson we can learn from the ocean. Each wave unique, as we all are unique wanting so much to be as everyone else, we are instead individuals.
Or, perhaps I should say we are indeed, individuals.
As the Christmastide moves forward let's plan how we can in the time ahead live our lives as the individual creative, loved, people we are. How will you do that?

God abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
Joy to the world.... sing on...


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