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Monday, August 13, 2007

Follow the Word

Have you ever heard something that sounded good to you and then..whoosh you are living that? Yesterday's scripture began... Be not afraid, little flock...and I got to apply that during a rather hectic and confusing day. Which is turning out ok now.
What was the lesson that I confronted? No matter what, God is good, all the time. Of course there are moments, days perhaps, where it seems that saying must certainly apply to someone else...not me! Surely not for me? Not now in the midst of things that seem so out of one's control. But wait... why would only good things be in God's control. Wait wait, don't misunderstand me, why do we not count God in on the hard times as well as the good times.
For instance years ago a woman on TV said... I'm so glad my son won the lottery. Now he will know there is a god! I was amazed with that statement amd it has stayed with me all this time. This question comes to mind... so for all the millions of others who didn't win are they saying...there is not a god or I would have won... (I choose to use a lower case g when talking about this deity that would grant someone a Win.)

Because I believe that GOD-god abides. That in the Good times and the "other" times God is with us...and saying to us, "Be not afraid. It is God's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."
Remember the Bobby McFaren song of the 80's Don't worry Be happy...
B r e a t h e

God Abides
Bobbie Giltz McGarey
It's the same thing that God wants for each of us.


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