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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a bridge too small

Tuesday, July 3, 2007
a bridge too small

We crossed the Ganges river just East of Hardiwar on a bridge that I believe was made for people, maybe bicycles, perhaps a cart but a car? I wasn't sure. The men who were walking toward us on the bridge leaned out over the river holding on to the side. I should say they smiled as we passed them.
When I was learning to drive a long long time ago my Daddy said when you come to a narrow road, Aim Ahead. That's good advice. It sure worked here. Seriously. If you had looked left or right you might have taken off a rear-view mirror. It was that narrow.
As we crossed this bridge I realized we'd be crossing it again on the way home. We drove to the homes of some of the children who are in the Children's Homes. They come from parents who have leprosy. This beautiful, seriously, little village was on the bank of the Ganges. They worked each of them doing laundry for a local hotel. They welcomed us.
They knew the people who had brought us but we were strangers. No longer. We now know them and they us and we pray for one another. They pray to a Hindu God, I to my Christian God, but we pray for good things for one another. For them to be protected from the monsoons and the troubles they have. They prayed for safe journeys for us. They asked us to come back.

When did you see a stranger and invite them in? They would do it anytime.
God abides
perhaps our bridges are too small.
Bobbie Giltz McGarey


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